Pre-travel anticipation

Disclaimer: This is either going to turn into a rant or it is going to be a short piece!

I know its been ages since I blogged. Things have taken an interesting turn for me and I have decided which city I am going to spend the next few years exploring, living and calling my 3rd home away from home.

Anyhoo, I finally have time to plan some travel for the next two months and the excitement I feel just from booking my tickets is indescribable. People talk about getting a euphoric rush when they get their salaries or bonuses. In my case, this rush is the result of booking a bunch of tickets in the span of twenty minutes. The buzz that I am feeling right now is the after-effects of seeing the words “Ticket confirmed” on a number of tickets and hearing my phone ping every time I get an sms with my ticket details. If this is how excited I am about booking tickets, I can only imagine how happy I am going to be when it is actually time to travel!



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