My Travel Wish List

map of the world
A few years ago a friend and I began creating a travel wish list. We had traveled together to some places and had decided that we would go with each other to the places that we both wanted to see. A move back home and mismatched work schedules  resulted in only a few places being added to that list and the two of us going to different places with different people. So after reading a few posts from fellow travelers I thought that it was high time that I make my own travel wish list. Putting pen to paper has always helped in making things I wanted to come true and I hope the more specific I get about what I want to do at that place, the closer I get to actually going there. This post is going to remain incomplete as I know that this list will keep growing. So here’s hoping I visit all these places in this life time!
  1. Italy: Milan – Verona – Venice – Bologna – Cinque Terre – Tuscany (Wine Country)- Siena – Rome-Naples – Sicily – Capri. In this order or in reverse. I have been dreaming of spending at least a month visiting these places in Italy while sampling the local cuisine and soaking in the local culture and its one of my dreams to spend a few days in the Tuscan Country side and live on a Vineyard.
  2. Spain: Barcelona, Seville, Ibiza, Madrid, Valencia, Strait of Gibraltar – this time in no particular order: Visited in March 2016. Added Granada to the list. 
  3. Thailand: Chiang Mai for the Lantern Festival, Phi Phi, Krabi, Bangkok
  4. Morocco: Done – March 2016!
  5. Rann of Kutch
  6. Trek to the Valley of Flowers – Hemkund
  7. Srinagar
  8. Turkey – Cappadocia
  9. Brazil
  10. Hong Kong: Done – Jan 2017
  11. Macau
  12. Argentina
  13. NYC – Need I say more?: August 2015. Done and Done. NYC lived up to everything I expected and then surpassed it by a mile. 
  14. Scotland
  15. Ireland – 24th Nov, 2016. Nothern and Southern. Done and Done!
  16. Kolkata – I spent 8 hours in transit in this city and I found myself wishing that I could  stay there for longer and really explore Kolkata
  17. The India – China Border. I have come within 4 kilometers of this border on three different occasions and each time something occurs that stops me from visiting the border check posts. During one incident when visiting the Nathula Pass near Gangtok, due to the sleet and ice that had formed on the road, my car started to slide down the mountain side. This was one of the scariest experiences that I have had to live through and I remember clutching onto the person next to me in the car yelling that I was too young to die and that I hadn’t written a will or bequeathed my collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics to anyone. One day though, I am going to stand in these two places at once.
  18. Grand Canyon trekking to havasu waterfalls
  19. The Chadar Trek: This is a trek during winter over the river Zanskar when it freezes over. While river rafting on the Zanskar during a trip to Leh my raft capsized, due to which I am now slightly queasy while travelling over water. This trek ironically enough, starts from a point very close to where I fell into the river i.e. Chillling. So part of the reason why I want to do this trek is to confront one of my demons but I am definitely doing this trek sometime in the future.
  20. Peru: October, 2015. Done! This was really a dream come true
  21. Portugal

This is all that I can come up with for now but I am definitely going to be adding more places to this list!

Till then, Happy Travels!


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