Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

I recently came across Zen pencils, a site which combines animation with inspirational quotes. One of the sketches summed up perfectly something I am about to do.

For years I have dreamed of traveling solo. Every time I’d plan a solo trip, I would eventually chicken out and would end up traveling with someone. I have had some amazing trips with some groups and some less enjoyable ones with some others. But the dream of going solo persisted. It wasn’t the desire to travel, but the desperation to do so which finally make me book my tickets.

The reactions that I get when I tell friends and family about my plans are mixed. Some are genuinely excited for me about the adventure I am about to embark on while others are skeptical and worry about my safety. But through my research aka. reading innumerable solo traveler blogs, I have discovered that there is an entire universe of people out there who have gone the distance. Solo travel is an experience which I am really looking forward to.

I have bought my tickets. I can’t wait to take the ride!


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